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Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Welcome to our site featuring Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaners.

Hoover is one of the top leaders in vacuum cleaner industry and Hoover cordless vacuum is one of their popular vacuums.
Hoover focuses on developing vacuum cleaners with high quality, functionality and innovation in mind.
Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is one of Hoover’s top quality vacuum cleaners. The power, durability and portability are the main features of Hoover cordless vacuum cleaners.
Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner has no annoying cord to drag on the floor. There are several models available for Hoover cordless vacuum cleaners.
There are several types of Hoover cordless vacuum cleaners available in the markets. They come in different designs, powers and functionalities.
Make sure to get to know more about Hoover products and get a right Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner for your home.

Hoover BH50015 Platinum Collection LINX Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
This Hoover Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for quick pickups for spills and a little mess.
If you just spill cereals all over the kitchen floor, Hoover cordless vacuum can clean it up right away.
This cordless vacuum cleaner can extend run time of motor which shows excellent performance because it utilizes Cyclonic Action Filtration and Lithium Ion Battery Technology.
Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner comes with an Energy Star battery charger which can recharge the battery quickly and efficiently.
Hoover cordless vacuum also comes with several accessories crevice tools and dusting brush which help you clean the areas which are tough to reach.
Other features of Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner include:
  • Comfort Grip Handle
  • Easy-To-Empty Dust Cup
  • Light Weight Ergonomic Design at only 3-2/7 pounds
One buyer wrote, “This is one powerful hand vac. It really does a good job of picking up about anything you find on the floor, and it lasts a satisfying long time on a single charge.
This Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner measures 18 inches by 6-1/2 inches by 8-1/5 inches.  It is available at and priced around US$125.

Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

This Hoover Cordless Stick Vacuum utilizes Hoover’s Patented Technology called Windtunnel.
The cordless vacuum cleaner makes use of the combination of rotating brushes and three suction tunnels to suck the dirt and debris with ease.
Powerful brush equipped with Hoover cordless vacuum can pick up debris and dirt deeply embedded in the thick carpets.

Moving from carpet to hardwood floor is simple.  All you need to do is push the switch on the handle, which turns off brush rolls and get ready for bare-floor cleaning.
With Hoover cordless stick vacuum, you don’t need to re-plug the power cord when you move one room to the other.

There is no more annoying cord which distracts you while cleaning with Hoover cordless vacuum.
Hoover cordless stick vacuum is very light and it weighs less than eight pounds.  It measures eleven inches by eight inches by forty two inches.  It is available at


  1. e to our site featuring Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. Hoover is one of the top leaders in vacuum cleaner industry and Hoover cordless vacuum is ...

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